Architecture Deployment

Видавець: Brillio

Gen-AI based automated script generation for cloud infrastructure provisioning & deployment

Cloud infrastructure makes or breaks an IT infrastructure for any organization, it is crucial to deploy in-built or purchased applications into Azure cloud platforms irrespective of the pre-existing infrastructure. Brillio’s “Architecture Deployment” adheres to Azure well architected frameworks and leverages Generative AI to automate design for cloud architectures, generating Infra as a Code tailored to Azure cloud specifications.

Key Features:

  • Auto Generation of Infra as Code (IaC) architecture using text

  • Supports 3 key IaC scripts Terraform, Ansible & Puppet

  • Generation of Infra as Code (IaC) architecture for Azure

  • Generation of Pipeline Script (YAML file) for IaC using multi-cloud for Auto deployment


  • Architecture Diagram generation based on set of inputs and specifications which can help architects to quickly visualize and understand the proposed architecture, and to identify potential issues

  • Automating Data modelling process by generating entity-relationship diagrams/data models, helping architects to save time and effort, and to ensure that the data model is accurate and more complete

  • Generating Infra as a Code for deploying the software architecture to production thereby automating deployment process and ensuring that the architecture is deployed consistently and correctly

  • Generative AI can be leveraged to select appropriate Technology for a software based on inputs and specifications helping stakeholders make informed decisions and avoid mistakes.

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