Hybrid Cloud Architecture Validator

Видавець: Brillio

Gen-AI based automated designing and validation of technical architecture as per framework

An architecture blueprint forms the backbone of a digital transformation, it is critical to ensure that the architects develop and deliver accurate technical architecture blueprints regardless of the complexity of the cloud framework. Brillio’s “Cloud architecture validator” solution leverages Generative AI to assist the technical teams to design and/or assess the quality of architecture against Azure well-architected framework and provide recommendations to optimize architecture blueprints.

Key Features:

  • Generate recommended architecture diagram as per target Cloud Well Architected Framework

  • Generation of WAF Architecture Diagrams for Azure and hybrid clouds

  • Generation of Scorecard for comparison with AS-IS and TO-BE providing recommendations based on WAF pillars


  • Automated Assessment: The AI application automates the assessment process, saving time and effort compared to manual evaluation of architecture diagrams against the Well-Architected Framework.

  • Consistency and Standardization: The application ensures consistent adherence to the Well-Architected Framework's principles, reducing the risk of overlooking critical design considerations.

  • Identification of Improvement Areas: A detailed report and recommendations for enhancing the architecture's compliance, security, cost optimization, and performance efficiency.

  • Efficiency and Scalability: The AI application can process many architecture diagrams rapidly, making it suitable for evaluating architectures at scale.

  • Learning and Continuous Improvement: The AI model can be continually trained and improved using user feedback and evaluation data, ensuring its accuracy and adaptability to evolving best practices.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: The application enables architects and teams to share, discuss, and collaborate on architecture designs, leveraging the insights and recommendations provided by the AI model.

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