C3 AI Fraud Detection


Identify Fraudulent Actors and Safeguard Revenues

Businesses are consistently challenged with instances of non-technical loss revenue or operational loss due to physical breaches, fraudulent payments, or stolen IP. In the utility industry alone, $20–$60 billion in energy is lost to power theft globally each year. Without an aggregate view of all available customer and internal data coupled with device telemetry, firms struggle to effectively and accurately identify cases of theft or breach, rectify issues or unsafe conditions, and safeguard revenue.

C3 AI Fraud Detection™ pinpoints patterns in event data streams that identify revenue leakage or maintenance and safety issues so investigation teams can act upon a single, continuously updated, and prioritized queue of leads. By analyzing data from multiple systems and applying advanced machine learning algorithms, C3 AI Fraud Detection detects non-technical loss, quantifies the amount of revenue and loss at stake, and prioritizes leads for investigation. Leads are tracked and managed through the entire life cycle of investigation, confirmation, and closure so that investigators can identify trends and develop long-term revenue assurance plans.

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