Proceso for Manufacturing

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Drives Revenue, Productivity, Compliance, Cost Savings in Manufacturing with Proceso

Proceso is a digital platform that enables organizations to create a digitally empowered business by innovatively providing ways to quickly automating their SOPs. It offers ready-to-deploy processes that can be used by the frontline, Supervisors and Auditors in Manufacturing to ensure an efficient operation such as conducting fire safety audits in a manufacturing unit is crucial to ensure the safety of employees, protect assets, and comply with fire safety regulations.

Auditor can easily Review the existing safety policies, procedures, and emergency response plans to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Verify the presence and functionality of fire prevention measures such as fire doors, smoke detectors, fire-resistant materials, and electrical safety measures through Proceso using Live Capture feature, Video recording. A safety Auditor can Evaluate Emergency Evacuation Plans, Inspecting Electrical Systems, Checking Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials. Review of Equipment Safety, Examine Housekeeping and Maintenance, Checking Employee Training and Awareness through assessment, and then finally Compiling Audit Findings and Recommendations and as last step Communicating Audit Results, Follow-Up and monitoring in Proceso even without his physical presence at the plant/factory.

Proceso provides real-time analytics and reporting to provide visibility into timely compliance on various tasks and Audits.

The end-user app is very easy to use with very few features surfaced as the audience has very low IT maturity. This can also be used by white collar employees for Audits, Project Management, Approvals through LOB Integrations and the Insights and Dashboards for decision making.

Highly collaborative, using the power of Microsoft Teams and Azure cloud, it is specially built for repetitive tasks that need to be done at some periodicity, need evidence, and ensure that tasks assigned to users have very high visibility. Also, Power BI is integrated for Management Team for real time insights and Dashboards.

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