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Proceso Helpdesk streamlines issues and tickets tracking by providing a centralized Platform

Proceso Helpdesk Offers a streamlined and efficient way of raising tickets in your organization using a centralized platform. With Proceso Helpdesk you can get started with in a couple of hours to digitize your Ticketing system for your entire workforce

Proceso Helpdesk is a custom-made ticketing tool by C3IT Software Solutions. The purpose of this app is to give the ability to end users to raise the tickets related to their operational issues for i.e., Software, hardware, Repair & Maintenance etc. It can be used by any department.

This offer lets you choose any 2 Ticketing workflows which includes IT Help Desk, Network issues, HR Help Desk, Admin issues, Finance issues and more with escalations.

You will be able to use these templates for a week and gauge the impact on efficiency of your Help Desk Team, collaboration, and the ultimate impact on TAT.

In this offer we will help you identify the Ticketing Workflows, set up your master data and make sure your users are supported as they use the 1-week trial.

These templates are hosted on Microsoft Azure and can be used on any device within Microsoft Teams with a basic Teams F SKU and users can raise, reopen, and reassign tickets within Teams through Proceso. Your existing Azure Subscription can be used for this or else we offer it clubbed as a service, however please note, all of this is offered free of cost in this offer.

Proceso Helpdesk offers Create Ticket, notify, collaborate, resolving tickets, Evidence attachment, escalations, complete Ticket Resolution using Microsoft Teams as the delivery vehicle. Reach, engage and align your workforce with this mobile-first flexible platform.

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