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Meet your Net-Zero goals with Industrial AI

Discover innovative alternatives to reuse water, reduce waste and minimize CO2 emissions without compromising production goals using Canvass AI's Net-Zero Suite.
Canvass AI's patented Industrial AI Net-Zero Suite is designed to be intuitive for engineers. The solutions in the Canvass AI Net-Zero Suite are being used to achieve sustainability goals across the industrial sector. Unlike typical “black box” AI technologies, Canvass Industrial AI Software has a built-in "Explainability" feature that makes AI transparent for engineers to interpret results and make confident decisions.

Canvass AI's Net-Zero Suite has the following pre-built solutions for process engineers to start with. These solutions do not require any data science expertise.
  • Complex Troubleshooting - Simplify complex problems and rapidly respond to operational disruptions with deeper insights from your data.
  • Early Event Detection - Predict process and asset changes and prevent undesirable events with precise response guidance.
  • Set Point Control - Maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and meet sustainability targets by accurately predicting setpoints in real time.
  • More solutions are being added to the suite regularly...

Why Leading Industrials Trust Canvass AI Every Day To Achieve Their Goals:

  • Industrial AI Decision Software - Canvass AI complements existing industrial technologies to augment established workflows and unlock more value from data faster.
  • AI Solutions to Close Knowledge Gaps - Pre-built AI solutions analyze larger process areas and quickly narrow down problem size to deliver actionable insights that empower industrial teams to problem-solve faster.
  • Rapid Time to Value, Low Cost of Ownership - Supported by Canvass AI’s expert partners, Canvass AI’s easy-to-adopt solutions ensure fast and friction-free implementations that unlock the full value of AI.
  • Sustainable AI Journey - An intuitive user experience built for production teams empowers engineers to quickly extract value from data without requiring data science expertise.
  • AI for Data Lean Environments - Canvass AI’s Industrial AI technology can be applied to data-rich and data-lean environments. Requiring less data to learn, Canvass AI enables engineer expertise, data, and AI to collaborate, and build trust.
  • Trusted by Leading Industrials - Leading industrial companies across the globe trust Canvass AI to improve their day-to-day operations. We ensure your workforce is onboarded quickly and achieve their outcomes faster.

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