Nexus (Escritorio Digital)

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Escritorio digital corporativo enfocado a unificar la identidad y centralizar el acceso

*This application is only available in Spanish, although it depends on the language platform in client configuration

With NEXUS, give your users in a secure way, access to your web applications or company desktop, without the need to configure VPNs, with a Cloud solution that streamlines IT operations by centrally managing all your commercial and desktop applications within the data center, providing secure access on demand to any user around the world. Implementing security measures such as Multi Factor Authentication and conditional access among others, for the protection of identities by monitoring their use, the location of accesses, suspicious activity, operating systems and clients through reports that facilitate decision making.

Nexus is the corporate solution applicable to any type of private or public organization, which has various software applications that require high security and ease of access. Nexus allows savings of up to 60% in the time of managing secure access to your users, reducing the time it takes them to locate and access their applications. It avoids having to install the application locally and provides visibility of the accesses to them, helping to identify where and how to access each application of the company.

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