Appzillon Digital Banking

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A suite of digital banking solutions designed for a bank's customer and staff

Appzillon Digital Banking from i-exceed is a suite of cloud based omni-channel solutions that provides differentiated banking experiences for a bank’s customers and staff. Appzillon Digital Banking offers banks innovative ways to make banking simple and easy with solutions for retail banking, retail onboarding, corporate banking, corporate onboarding, agency operations, digital branch, and so much more.

Banks today launch new products and services 70% faster with Appzillon Digital Banking.

India Post Payments Bank has on-boarded over 40 million customers using Appzillon based solutions in the last two years. Appzillon also powers the world's first digital trade finance bank. Citi completed a 90+ country rollout of their corporate onboarding using Appzillon based solutions.

With Appzillon, banks can be assured of delivering personalized user journeys, boosting engagement rates, improving customer retention, and realizing rapid returns on investment.

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