Velostics Logistics Platform

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Velostics enables contactless, streamline logistics via automation and real-time collaboration

Powering Contactless Logistics. Velostics solves a $5B problem of delays, data entry errors, and FTE costs at Terminals, Warehouses & Distribution Centers with an automated “Global Entry” type solution.

After talking to 230+ companies and 1000+ users about their problems around inbound logistics, we constantly heard that the biggest challenge was detention and that there was no real way to change.  Having multiple clerks that are checking in trucks, reviewing BOLs when the driver arrives and manually processing paperwork could be costing an organization in excess of $467,000 per facility per year.  Facilities can avoid this by eliminating the manual check-in/receiving process altogether. 

We have solved this problem with our Velostics logistics platform which automates the inbound logistics and receiving process. It is the foundation for contactless operations in today’s new normal.  Our solution is the only one on the market that allows completely contactless and safe check-in while increasing throughput.

Scalable across millions of facilities worldwide, Velostics is technology agnostic and user friendly.  Deploy Velostics at facilities to cut wait times for inbound vehicles, improve throughput and eliminate errors and detention.

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