Dmystifi psychometric talent identification and assessment tool


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Understand students’ true strengths and weaknesses to find the right career options

DMystifi is a unique technology product developed to help alleviate young and deserving students their best potential and careers.

Career Discovery
- Personality assessment
- Stream / subject selection
- Career recommendation

Career Counselling
- Best career Fit
- Career discussion groups and forums
- College placement

Career Growth
- Role-based competency assessment
- Interview readiness
- Job fit & discovery

DMystifi can be an enabler and accelerator, robust career guidance services and the gap between employers and with following key features and packages for different classes and age groups:

Career Recommendation (grade 11 - 12)
• Unravel your career options
• Discover your workplace habits
• Communication styles
• Aptitude
• Solution to career problems
• Best–fit career for an accomplished future life

Stream / subject recommendation (grade 8 – 10)
• Discover right stream based on personality, interest and aptitude
• Discover your best subject
• Best–fit stream with career recommendations
• Know your skills and abilities
• Aptitude and intelligence quotient (IQ)

Self-Assessment (grade 5 – 7)
• Self–discovery & behavioral analysis
• Interest analysis
• Know your type of intelligence
• 100+ personality traits and characteristics
• Know your strengths and weakness
• Aptitude and cognitive abilities analysis

Job-based competency assessments (college, university students)
• Students with interest in marketing –
• Competency assessment with detailed recommendations and action items

Video interviews (job aspirants)
• Industry best questions
• Increasing student confidence
• Making students “interview-ready”

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