XLAudit Spreadsheet Auditing and Error Analysis Software

Видавець: CIMCON Software llc

Visual error checks, auditing, lineage and documentation in seconds for your spreadsheet

CIMCON’s XLAudit product provides users responsible for building, managing, or auditing spreadsheets with quick, easy, and visual tools to ensure your critical spreadsheets are error free.

It offers the following capabilities:

  • Highlight Errors and Inconsistencies:

Highlight formula and cell errors, warnings and inconsistencies as a visual overlay preserving the context of each cell.

  • File, Sheet and Cell Links:

View lineage at the file, sheet and cell level including data sources and connections to enterprise databases.

  • Workbook Analysis and Documentation

Produce a listing of various formula types (e.g. containing hard coded values, complex formulas, absolute values), cells and macros. Input/Output Analysis

  • Audit Spreadsheets

Generate a list of distinct formulas, and review/approve it with comments following standard industry auditing practices.

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