Digital Asset Manager

Видавець: Circle T Industries Pty Ltd

Transform the management of digital assets such as images, video, rich media, and audio content.

The Circle T Digital Asset Manager centralizes the storage, processing, and sharing of digital content such as images, video, rich media, and audio content.  Content sharing with external parties is enabled through a link to the Digital Asset Manager, reducing the risk of inconsistent or outdated content being shared.  Integration to Office 365 and all its applications enhances content discoverability and ease of use.  Azure Cognitive Services- Face Recognition ensures consent is obtained before artefacts, such as employee or student images, are used.  Template catalogues provide pre-formatted content with company branding and logos to ensure the consistency of communications.  Document creation is automated through the assembly of document components, simplifying the creation of frequently created documents such as contracts.  Analytical tools provide valuable insight on content usage. Simple and robust, Digital Asset Manager ensures your digital assets are discoverable, relevant, productive and trusted. 

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