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Prepare, sign, track and organise your documents online with Microsoft integrations.

With Circularo Microsoft integrations you can prepare, sign, track, and organise your agreements online -quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

Sign your contracts using highly secure digital signatures with internationally recognised electronic certificates that protect PDF documents from tampering. 

Circularo also offers integrated document management features with secure sharing and advanced traceability.

There is also REST API available for seamless integration with 3rd party systems. 

Circularo supports single sign-on with your Microsoft Account, and it comes with the Office 365 online integration and OneDrive for import/export, enabling you to:

  • Prepare and sign your contracts faster;

  • Avoid scanning and emailing sensitive documents;

  • Agree on, approve, sign, and execute important documents online;

  • Build a circle of trust for all the participants with unified end-to-end document-user experience; 

  • Collect, exchange, and manage all of your contracts in one place;

  • Share and sign documents with recipients in or outside of your organisation;

  • Protect your organisation's contracts while ensuring that they remain verifiable and readily available;

  • Easily manage the accessibility and expiration date of each document.

MS Office 365 Online & OneDrive Integration

View MS Office documents directly in the Circularo app and have them signed right away. Upload or save documents directly to or from OneDrive via the Circularo app.

Flexible eSigning Workflows

Easily define the actions, deadlines, and responsibilities for owners, signatories, recipients, and any other participants of the eSigning workflow.

Full Traceability with Actionable Views

Get an instant overview of which documents are waiting for you or someone else, which  are completed and which remain pending.

Verifiable Contracts

Utilize reputable online verification tools to ensure that the integrity and authenticity of your documents remain intact.

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