Cisco Spaces O365 Calendar Integration

Видавець: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Integrate Microsoft O365 calendar with Cisco Spaces to show booking status on a Cisco 3D Digital Map

With Cisco Spaces, Microsoft O365 Calendar customers can provide their employees, facility teams, and real estate teams with a superior hybrid work experience leveraging existing Cisco collaboration and networking infrastructure and their calendar resources.

Benefits for Employees:
  • Visibility into real-time occupancy and environmental data such as indoor air quality, temperature, humidity, and ambient noise of Cisco device-equipped rooms.
  • View above information on a context-rich, 3D map of workspaces on digital signages.
  • Find and locate empty meeting rooms, then hold and reserve them.

Benefits for Facilities & Real Estate teams:
  • Get access to a suite of apps with real-time data and historical views on space utilization and environmental metrics.
  • Use insights to simplify the complexity of reconfiguring and redesigning workspaces.

Cisco Spaces is a full stack cloud platform that harnesses the power of Cisco infrastructure and sensors across Catalyst, Webex and Meraki, making buildings safe, smart, sustainable, and seamless.

Please Note - Prior to activating the Cisco Spaces app, please ensure that you have already created a Cisco Spaces account. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a free account here or by reaching out to your Cisco Account Team.

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