Cargodock - Shipment management solution

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Transform Outlook into shipment management tool. Track shipments, collect documents and collaborate.

Cargodock works with your Outlook inbox, we sort every email to the corresponding shipment and enable shipment tracking once we detect a Bill Of Lading, booking number, or container number. Received attached documents will be put in the correct folder at your OneDrive so they are easy to find and manage.

This tool is meant for everyone that needs to track shipments in international trade. Logistics managers, supply-chain managers, exporters, importers, and freight forwarders but additional benefits are to sales and finance.

We are solving the problem of scattered and siloed communication when it comes to logistics workflows. We are also enabling tracking to be integrated into the workflow as it is relevant to the status of each shipment. We can track ocean freight and air cargo. The solution also works with the Outlook desktop application and Microsoft Calendar.

Key features:
  • Track incoming emails related to the shipment (Outlook connection)
  • Track and trace ocean and air freight shipments
  • Notifications on delays and exceptions
  • Document scanning and sorting, straight from the email
  • Calendar integration, see all shipping events in one view and get notifications
  • Built-in CRM

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