ChatBot: Proof of Concept

Видавець: CloudScale International


CloudScale will create a stunning Proof of Concept to help you visualize Bots for your organization. Here are the steps taken to during this process: Scope: On-Boarding & Setup

  •  Project installation, user credentials and access to environments, construction of detailed project plan, project and solution set-up
  • Conversational Design & UX Design
  •  Up to three (3) Design sessions and work related to establishing functional requirements around selected use-cases, UX/UI requirements, and non-technical design.
  • Solution & Technical Architecture
  •  Up to three (3) Design sessions and work related to determining technical and quality of service requirements, deployment requirements, integration points with existing infrastructure, services (e.g. O365), and 3rd party systems.
  • Solution Implementation / Build
  •  Software engineering and systems integration activities related to implementing the solution.
  • Testing & Revisions
  •  Up to three (3) review sessions in which feedback is collected, and functional / technical changes which are in scope are addressed.
  • Solution Deployment
  •  Deployment of the solution into the client's environment
  • Showcase, training hand-off .
  •  A capstone demonstration of the solution along with hand-off of solution assets (documentation, source code, as-built deployment configuration), Q&A session and a discussion of next steps.

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