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Simple step by step, we show you the way you should go to be in compliance with an LGPD

The first tool in Brazil curated by one of the most admired offices in the country and full integration with the IT area through innovative technologies that include training, policies, guidelines, documents, best practices and support.

Our offering helps your company's DPO develop a strong privacy and data protection governance program, enabling your organization's compliance in real-time and auditable.
We understand how difficult it can be to implement these policies internally, which is why you will also have access to specialized support to assist you at every step.

Any and all access will be integrated with other providers with a compliant system, that is, encrypted data (in transit or at rest), system without access to personal data and password auto-reset.

Thinking about the needs of each company, we have a solution for every need, the main ones for companies with high compliance requirements, who need complete governance routines and a more complete version with the
possibility of custom customization.
100% use of the Microsoft Azure Solution
“This app is only available in Portuguese-Brazil”

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