Cloudticity Oxygen NIST 800-53 Managed Compliance

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Cloudticity Oxygen NIST 800-53 Managed Compliance

Ensuring NIST 800-53 compliance and achieving HIPAA compliance or HITRUST certification in a dynamic cloud environment can seem daunting. With Cloudticity Oxygen™, you can meet compliance and certification requirements while freeing your team to focus on product development and innovation. 

With Cloudticity, offloading administrative tasks is as simple as using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. As an Azure Gold Partner, we also have the knowledge and experience to help you select and configure the Azure solutions you need to meet your complex compliance needs, including NIST 800-53, HIPAA, HITRUST or SOC 2. As experts on the Azure HIPAA/HITRUST Blueprint, providing substantially more control mappings to address your precise compliance requirements with the right policies and solutions. We help you build solutions that are not only compliant and secure, but also make the most efficient use of Azure services to support your business goals. 

About Cloudticity Oxygen™

Cloudticity Oxygen is a next-gen managed cloud solution for healthcare on Microsoft Azure, delivering maximum agility, security, compliance, reliability, and cost savings via AIOps and advanced automation. By offloading IT operations, security, and compliance to our innovative platform, IT leaders can free up internal resources and focus on innovation.

Continuously scanning your environment for alignment with HIPAA and HITRUST, Oxygen streamlines compliance and allows you to automatically revert to a compliant posture when drifts from best practices occur.

Unlike traditional managed cloud solutions, which provide a secure environment but offer limited flexibility for making changes, Oxygen gives you the freedom to deploy, retire, and configure cloud services that inherit your baseline security controls at your convenience. Get full control over your production environment, with complete security and compliance oversight. It’s flexibility and security, all in one place.

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