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Get reliable online and offline access to Microsoft SharePoint/Microsoft 365 with Briefcase apps

Colligo is focused on delivering tools that drive adoption of sanctioned enterprise content management systems.

The Colligo Engage platform increases active usage of SharePoint with a suite of native apps that workers enjoy using and Azure-based admin tools that help IT enforce policies and monitor compliance.

Colligo Provides SharePoint Mobile Access to allow your worker to access the right content at the right time. You need to enable mobile workers to quickly access the right content at the right time, but it’s just as critical for managers to be able to confirm key documents were read. Colligo Engage extends your existing SharePoint deployment—saving time and money compared to point solutions—allowing you to securely push content to your user’s devices, online of offline. Colligo’s platform combines easy-to-use apps with central configuration and auditable metrics on user adoption.

Key Features

· Native Colligo Engage applications for iPad, iPhone, Windows

· Offline SharePoint access with no internet connection or web browser needed and automatic syncing when reconnected

· Classify all content with SharePoint taxonomy and properties

· Send direct links to documents to reduce proliferation of emails

· Centralized configuration of SharePoint libraries and folders for each user or team

· Colligo Engage Console to monitor content and user activity

Key Benefits

· Support BYOD without compromising information management compliance

· Centrally configure user and sync settings, and push content to user groups

· Centrally set policies and monitor records management compliance using Colligo Console

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