CIS/4-Cloud – Dropshipping

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Boost your order management with automated processing and manage your entire dropshipping process.

Boost your dropshipping with automated processing

Manage the entirety of your dropshipping process with one central platform. Built on the SAP Integration Suite, it's designed with maximum compatibility for data exchange and an advanced interface that clearly displays all orders, returns and cancellations, while allowing manual intervention.


  • Unlock new opportunities for your business growth: Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by modern order processing: Generate more sales by fulfilling new customer requirements, expanding sales channels and tapping into untapped markets.
  • Achieve sales targets faster and better with state-of-the-art order management: Automating your order management eliminates a significant amount of processing time and reduces error rates with unmatched accuracy. This gives you the peace of mind that all your processes are running smoothly and quickly, so you can focus your energy on new business opportunities.
  • Set your resources free: Major time and cost savings in the administrative and IT departments open up new scope for action. What new projects will you tackle with the freed up resources?


  • Start dropshipping right away with pre-built content: Our preconfigured integration profiles enable you to fully integrate all common dropshipping partners and Courier Express service providers into your business in the shortest possible time, while precisely fulfilling all partner-specific requirements.
  • Reduce editing time with a superior user experience: The clearly structured dashboard uses intelligent filters to display all important processes at a glance. For example, orders with certain characteristics such as unusually high order value are highlighted according to your rules, while time-consuming workflows are greatly simplified by automation.
  • Getting and organizing the information you need has never been easier: Say goodbye to manually collecting information from different systems or other sources. All relevant data is bundled in one central location, giving you the transparency and security needed for receiving all necessary information at any time.
  • Print your labels to multiple standards in the blink of an eye: Create the right labels for standard courier express providers or labels according to your individual specifications in no time at all. This saves you a lot of time and effort in the long run.
  • Know the status of every order and share it with your partners as needed: From the incoming order to the parcel delivery - we track every single status of the entire dropshipping process. For these individual steps, you can create customized events and reports in all common exchange formats for different transmission channels to keep your business partners up to date.

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