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Evalúa is a solution for evaluation and management by competences

**“This app is only available in Spanish **.
Evalúa is a solution for evaluation and management by competences that integrates the evaluation in learning for the performance in tests Saber 3,5,9,11, and Saber Pro. 
Evalua is a tool for evaluation and self-evaluation that can be used by educational institutions to assess competencies according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and that can also be used as a tool for institutional accreditation since it is designed to support the fulfillment of the linings of the CNA (National Accreditation System in Colombia), the business audience are Companies, Colleges and Universities that seek to incorporate the evaluation of competencies as a daily practice performed by all and affects the institution as a whole to improve and enhance the development of its members. Companies that seek to increase the educational level of their students and companies that seek increases the level of performance of their employees.
We lead the implementation of solutions in the Education segment such as Higher & K12. Evalua is one of Education Solution that aimed at strengthening academic or labor competencies of interest groups in order to improve and enhance the development of educational or employment levels of its members.