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Everything restaurant needs for sales reporting and planning

Manage budget for future sales, report sales, analyze sales, and more

Why choose Restaurantintra?

Restaurantintra is a cost-effective and affordable sales reporting system for restaurants. The software is implemented with a SaaS model, which allows the software to be customized according to the customer's needs. Restaurantintra is also mobile friendly software. This allows you to conveniently browse the service on your mobile device. Our software is easy to use that anyone can use. In addition, multiple restaurants can be connected to the software.


Key Features
  • Supports multiple restaurants
  • Create budget for future sales
  • Report sales
  • Receive sales reports automatically to email
  • Track sales
  • Analyze sales

Supported Languages
English, Finnish

Important Notice

The user who enters the application for the first time after installation automatically become an administrator with the ability to assign admin roles to others