Coherence Business Licensing

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A one-stop platform for governments and businesses to digitally manage licences effectively.

Coherence Business Licensing - Provide a robust platform hosted on Azure Cloud Services for governments and businesses to digitally manage the licensing process effectively in one convenient system. 

It offers a comprehensive suite of features that allow agencies to automate their Business Licensing Lifecycle management from application approval processing, licence issuance, suspension, revocation and reinstatement, to licence renewal and cancelation. While for business users, it provides the convenience of a single online touchpoint to apply and pay for multiple licence at one go; eliminating the need for physical visits to government agencies.

Designed with user centricity in mind, Coherence Business Licensing provides a friendly digital experience that puts the business user at the center, no matter his or her proficiency level. Our goal is to make the licensing process transparent, simple and predictable.

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