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An interactive way to communicate with customers, control service quality and increase sales

CRMSensor solutions consist of two components:

  • CRMSensor App for Android tablets. The App allows you to remotely download polls and advertising content to devices, set up demonstration scenarios and keep an audio recording of a conversation between employee and client. The App can be used both on your tablets and on branded CRMSensor devices.
  • Customized CRMSensor touch pads. Equipped with a front-facing camera for protection against fraud, a microphone for recording conversations. 24/7 service. Special firmware and flexible settings.

Key features:

  • Audio recording of employee dialogues with clients. Allowing you to evaluate and monitor the execution of sales and service scripts, increasing sales.
  • Advertisement of own goods and partner's products, lead generation.
  • Adequate customer feedback directly during the service process. High response rate and reliability compared to other feedback channels.
  • Staff training and testing at workplaces. Efficient raising competence of staff, personnel awareness of features of products, services, tariffs.

The solution is destined for the companies whose profit depends on the quality of communication between employees and clients. Suitable for small networks and nationwide companies with thousands of sales offices / service centers.

Designed for any retail chains, banks, healthcare providers, filling station chains and drugstores.

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