Privacy-free people counting

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CrowdScan monitors and count the number of people in real-time without cameras or smartphones.

Crowd analytics for public spaces

Managing and measuring crowds is never easy.
But thanks to CrowdScan you’ll become more efficient at it.

Our real-time, privacy by design and unique sensor technology provides you with all the data, analytics, and insights you need.

Why CrowdScan?

Thanks to CrowdScan you know exactly how many people are present in a certain area within specific time frames.

Whether you're looking to boost retail in your shopping streets, improve safety measures at local events, or optimize urban mobility, our data is a valuable resource for smart cities and their different departments.

CrowdScan clearly indicates real-time when the crowd density reaches a certain threshold, prompting necessary interventions. Our data can be linked to various other applications, such as dynamic signage for citizens or visitors to your city.

Furthermore, the privacy-conscious nature of our data allows for long-term data retention and effortless integration with other data sources

Thanks to the highly accurate and real-time data dashboards, you can make smarter decisions and finetune your policies where needed.

The solution uses safe, low-energy electromagnetic radio waves (868 MHz) to accurately and anonymously define the number of people present at a location. The combination of a gateway with sensors ensures accurate measurement and real-time processing, tailored to each situation and location. We measure the average attenuation of a wireless sensor network in relation to the empty environment. To do this, we place several sensors (nodes) around the location at a height of 1,5 meter from ground level, which send each other signals using low-energy radio waves. Beforehand, we perform a baseline measurement in the still empty space, to determine the optimal strength of the signals. When the area of interest fills up, the attenuation of the signals can be used to determine exactly how many people are present. This information reaches the nearby gateway, which then immediately sends the data to the cloud for processing and visualisation.

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