Data Management and Analytics Platform

Видавець: Cubic Transportation Systems

Transportation-focused analytics modules and features that enable actionable insights.

Our Data Management & Analytics Platform (DMAP) is Cubic’s one stop shop for all transit and traffic agency data needs.  DMAP is a cloud-based subscription that allows agencies to choose among many prebuilt, transportation-focused analytics modules and features that best suit their public transportation routes, modes of mobility, and available data feeds. Advanced analysis and data management tools combine innovative technologies for robust, intelligent, data insights from multiple transportation data sources regardless of location, format and volume. 

DMAP  provides a seamless, cost effective and configurable user experience to gain actionable insights, explore data and inform strategic decisions. The consolidated analysis tools replace manual data management inefficiencies. By using the optimized schedule and asset allocation with predictive and prescriptive predictions, agencies can realize operating cost savings.  Our solution is customizable with the freedom to select relevant features & services now – or later modular upgrades.

Key features include:

  • Data Exploration Visualizer:  Take command of data, making new discoveries, finding trends and sharing insights
  • De-Identification Engine: Transforms sensitive and PII data into an analytics ready dataset that can be securely consumed by internal and external customers.
  • Analytics Modules: Modular packages of insights and DMAP tools (data exploration, alerting, export & APIs) providing contextualized analysis (visualizations, data dictionaries, analytics white paper)

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