Transport Management Platform

Видавець: Cubic Transportation Systems

Intelligent traffic and transportation management for urban, interurban and freeway environments.

Cubic's Transport Management Platform (TMP) is an innovative, cloud-hosted product designed to support all aspects of transport operations. TMP is a modular, flexible and scalable product that allows transport management centers to proactively coordinate and manage multimodal transport networks, reduce the likelihood of congestion and accidents, and improve network efficiency. 

TMP provides agency operators a Common Operational Picture (COP) for all modes of transport, delivering enhanced situational awareness for congestion, incident and event management. 

Multiple operators can log into TMP and work collaboratively to manage incidents and congestion across different modes of transport.  

TMP can be configured to meet existing customer needs, and can support future agency capabilities.
As an example, TMP can be configured to provide: 

• A road-based traffic management solution, delivering coordinated responses across the road network 

• A system-of-systems solution, integrating TMP with multiple systems and subsystems spanning all modes of road-based and non-road-based transport 

Some Key Features Are: 

• Real-time, integrated multimodal congestion, incident, and event management 

• Urban, multimodal coordination and management, and improved decision support tools 

• Browser-based interface with no software installation required to operate 

• Predictive demand management, analytics, and advanced simulation  

• Traffic and public transport profiling 

• Flexible, configurable, and algorithmic rule-based responses 

• Cloud-hosted environment, enabling flexible procurement models such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 

• An open platform capable of integrating with new and existing systems 

• Modular design to help deliver a tailored expandable solution that meets agency needs  

• Offering an expandable range of modules to deliver enhanced functionality

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