AppArmor Command

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AppArmor Command is a crisis communication and response platform for your first responders.

AppArmor Command is a crisis communication and response platform for your first responders. It has the following features:

  1. Team Specific Chat Rooms: Real time communication hub for particular or all team members to relay real-time information on a fluid situation. Can have multiple simultaneous chats and “pull” users into chats.
  2. Team Push Notifications: Send an intrusive notification to team members to notify them of an emergency or update to an emergency situation. Messages reach the entire team in 1-5 seconds and can deep link into a section of the app such as “Chat” or “Ops Plans”.
  3. Crisis Contacts (Address Book): Bulk upload team member contact information into the app via the content management system. Each user can be assigned multiple points of contact so that you can attempt to reach them at multiple endpoints. Search function makes it easier to find the right person in a group of hundreds.
  4. “Pull” into Conference Bridges: Save time in an emergency and use the app to initiate an automated outbound call from the AppArmor Command systems to reach your team members and give them the option to “press 1” to be connected to the EOC bridge.
  5. Emergency Ops Plans: Your team will always be “in the know” on the AppArmor Command platform with very detailed and offline ready emergency plans. Content can be added and removed in real-time by your team and restricted to only certain users.
  6. Crisis Interactive Mapping: Build out interactive maps which identify the end user’s position in relation to important safety landmarks on campus. Build out an interactive “Run Card”, Muster Points Map, and more on AppArmor Command.
  7. Secure User Authentication: AppArmor Command is secure to only your team. With no public facing aspect and no access without a secured login, you can be sure your emergency response content and communication tools are safe.
  8. User Monitoring and Management: Monitor the current status of Emergency Response Team members, including whether or not they’re in the app, their battery level and more. You can also reach out to specific members an initiate 1 on 1 chats

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