AppArmor Safety

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AppArmor Safety is an organizationally branded mobile safety app platform.

AppArmor develops custom branded safety apps, emergency notification systems, and internal command and control apps for hundreds of organizations across the globe. Millions of people trust AppArmor to help keep them and their people safe in a crisis.

AppArmor Safety is our mobile safety app platform that is entirely branded to the organization, can be modified in real-time using our content management system, and includes over 50 powerful safety features. These capabilities include:

Unlimited Push Notifications for emergency notification
Advanced location services features for safe "walks"
Geofencing capabilities to restrict or modify the app
Real-time Reporting of crime or suspicious activity
Chat with dispatch to discretely report issues or ask for assistance
Offline ready emergency plans content to keep users better informed

All of these functions are housed in a native iOS and Android app branded to your organization.

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