DC2Vue® - Digital Care Coordination Suite

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Deliver better quality care, for less with DC2Vue and Microsoft Azure

DC2Vue is a leading healthcare software company, trusted by 6000+ users. We simplify complex care management for hospitals and specialist clinics, home care, and community care providers by harnessing the power of digital technology. Our approach is uniquely data-driven, combining the power of digital care coordination, workforce efficiency, and patient engagement. 

Embodying modern-day technological advancements, DC2Vue® was crafted to act as a modular care management platform. It overlays every module with automation and insights delivering a highly innovative and delightful end-user experience. The platform automates workflows and communications to provide integrated intake and assessment, care planning, roster & scheduling, service delivery, billing, reporting benefits, and more.

DC2Vue Digital Care Coordination Suite can help you:

  • Organise care team 10x better with smart scheduling & rostering
  • Ensure the care delivery team has secure and flexible access to client records in real-time, from any device at any location
  • Establish care plans which identify an appropriate sequence of actions, timeframes, goals and expected outcomes for better client outcomes.
  • Free yourself from paperwork with our eReferrals & eDischarge summaries
  • Automate Billing, Claiming and Invoicing workflow
  • Enhance patient engagement and improve communications
  • Improve data quality, reporting and insights

The platform is extendable and designed to take advantage of the power of Microsoft Azure data, AI, and analytics tools giving care providers a fast, flexible platform that’s responsive to changing business dynamics.

Today, more than 6,000 users leverage the DC2Vue® Digital Care Coordination Suite to transform care delivery across hospitals & specialist clinicshome caredisability care (NDIS), and community care settings.

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