FieldPortal: Firstline Worker Digitizing App

Видавець: DataCloud

Helping team meet production goals with short interval control.

The first step to helping mine site teams optimize their operations is digitally capturing operational data. The second step is integrating that data with a mine site's workflow systems to speed up the reporting process. Our PowerBI application does both. By eliminating handwritten forms, we simultaneously increase confidence in data and automate performance reporting. After data is organized in the cloud and dispersed into various workflow systems, PowerBI dashboards are instantly generated. Reports and insights are sent to key stakeholders at the right time to make faster decisions. Even remote team members can collaborate to improve operational planning and productivity. Mine site personnel simply logs information in during their shift on any device. Managers receive shift performance reports at the end of each shift. Then operators alter plans according to the shift before them. Teams can even view reports remotely to prepare before their arrival to the site. DataCloud enables short interval control for teams to make more informed production decisions. 

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