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Personal Business Assistant

TORI is Azure compatible system that can be used by all ranges of businesses and primarily SMB segment. TORI automates most of business processes routine, provides better control of company expenses, assets and monitoring of financial operations. TORI helps stakeholders to foresee crises before they start hurting and gives vital information to adjust business flows. TORI includes Staff module for you to manage, maintain, communicate, and automate employee and company-wide data. Capture all your expense data and get more control over employee spend with one single system. You can easily configure expense workflow process and set paths with various routing rules including approval limits and special approval rules. With TORI Assets management module you can maintain full visibility and track complete assets lifecycle – from procurement to retirement. Condition monitoring of your physical assets enables their health analysis for predictive maintenance strategies and effective work order management. A comprehensive and intuitive HR module facilitates management of the full range of HR functions and responsibilities. While recruiting module enables you to manage staff in the organization providing workforce planning and candidate management. AI (OCR) integration and implementation is in development stage.

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