UAS Live Video Streaming & Connectivity

Видавець: Dejero Labs

Real-time video from aerial vantage points so teams can respond quickly and effectively

Dejero’s mobile video solutions work seamlessly with unmanned aerial systems to provide real-time video from the safety of the sky. With increased reliability from connection diversity this solution helps first responders make informed decisions that save time, resources, and most importantly, lives.

  • Keep drone operators reliably connected—leveraging multiple networks simultaneously

  • Share actionable intelligence with real-time video from field officers while in challenging network conditions

  • Manage large gatherings like parades, protests, and sporting events with real-time live video from multiple vantage points

  • Easy to set-up and operate, Dejero mobile video solutions enable teams to move quickly and efficiently

  • Manage anywhere with cloud-based Dejero Control for remote management and reporting

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