AICA - Your AI assistant

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AICA is an AI-based customer assistant

AICA is based on modern artificial intelligence models and is an advanced assistant.

Created to take customer service a level higher. Automatically.

Without additional work or hiring new employeesUse artificial intelligence to take customer service to the next level.

AICA Your AI assistant

I simply talk to your customers.
I understand their questions and provide accurate answers in no time.
Your company can now offer a comprehensive and intuitive customer experience on websites, as a plug-in for Facebook or mobile apps.

How does AICA work?

1. AICA using Your Knowledge Base

AICA analyzes the data you enter into it. Based on this, it learns to best answer your customers’ questions.

2. Two-way communication

AICA uses an intuitive chat interface to communicate with customers via text or voice messages.

3. Machine learning algorithms

AICA uses advanced algorithms to learn from customer interactions and adapt to their needs over time.

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