DiCentral's B2B Integration Solution

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DiCentral is a leader in B2B integration for retail, CPG, logistics & distribution and automotive.

Our Azure-based B2B integration solutions enable the digital transformation of our customers’ supply-chains and trading networks.

Clients can connect to new trading partners quickly and easily using DiCentral’s vast community of trading partners. Larger enterprises can expand their B2B integration capabilities to handle all trading partner specifications (EDI, XML, CSV, Web Portal, and API) and integrations with all back-office applications and e-commerce platforms.

DiCentral’s complete set of supply chain automation solutions leverages Microsoft’s Azure platform to enable:

  • Buying organizations to reduce costs and increase supply chain visibility and efficiency whether you need to onboard your vendor community or run an EDI compliance program.
  • Supplier organizations to quickly comply with customers’ complex EDI requirements and scale fulfillment operations to meet buyer EDI demands and business rule specifications.
  • Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to leverage a complete EDI enablement and fulfillment solutions and opportunities to partner with a global community and scale up or down with minimal cost and risk.


  • Embedded Microsoft Dynamics Integration Adapters
  • Support for all Fulfillment Models
    • Ship to DC (Distribution Center)
    • Ship to 3PL (third-party Logistics Provider)
    • Ship to Store
    • Dropship
    • Scan-based Trading
  • B2B Trading Partner Community Management
  • B2B Integration Testing Solution
  • B2B Cloud Communications Service
  • B2B Data Transformation Services
  • Integrate with Financial Institutions
  • Real-time Dashboards & Mobile Alerts
  • Business Rule & Exception Management
  • 24/7 Customer Phone Support

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