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Automate complex business processes with the powerful and secure AEON software platform.

Innovative Technology for Complex Business Processes

AEON™ is a powerful and secure business process management software platform built on Microsoft technology and configurable to support the automation of project management, document generation, acquisition management, vendor engagement, and financial, deliverable, and audit management using the latest in emerging technologies such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. AEON solutions are provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and possess powerful integration capabilities to provide uninterrupted business process streams, enterprise-wide management and visibility, control, and deep analytic insights for real-time mission critical decision making. 

AEON Key Features

  • FedRAMP and DoD IL5 Compliant SaaS
  • Workflow Tools
  • Approvals and Collaboration Tools
  • Automated Document Generation
  • Offer Evaluation Tool
  • Funds Management
  • Partner and Vendor Management
  • Actionable Dashboards and Reporting
  • Digital Signature
  • Complete Content Search
  • Market Research Tool
  • AI and Business Analytics
  • Cloud Services

AEON Key differentiators

AEON Process Automation
A library with thousands of configurable microservices that uses RPA, transaction automation, and data-driven configurations to support any business process.

DSI solutions come with inherent integration capabilities that can unify processes with existing business systems, financial management systems, and data sources.

Rapid Implementation
Our integration layer securely and seamlessly shares data with existing software investments, serving as a single system of record to provide visibility throughout your entire process for improved decision-making and cohesive project management.

About DSI
For over 25 years, Distributed Solutions, Inc. (DSI) has transformed the way our customers do business by successfully implementing innovative software solutions built on our powerful AEON platform. AEON solutions integrate with other business systems data, intelligently automate business processes, and provide greater management control and visibility across all business process areas. This enables our customers to work more efficiently and with fewer risks. Coupled with our highly experienced team of consultants, AEON and DSI subject matter experts create automated, knowledge-enabled solutions that deliver results.

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