Ticketing Platform and Backstage Solutions

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A digitalized ticketing platform for safe and flexible purchase and access experiences

Ticketing Platform and Backstage Solutions is a social discovery and sharing platform that redifines ticketing experience including before and after transaction. We offer a aser friendly backoffice application that you can manage all event based Operations and ticketing.

Value Propositions

Digital Ticketing Platform

  • Safer, faster and flexible purchase
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Easier use for customers

Omni-Channel Sales

  • Multiple sales channels
  • Integrations for seamless transactions
  • More channels to reach customers

Social Event Planning

  • Social hold on tickets (buy with friends)
  • Social calendars and group buying
  • Forwarding tickets to friends or non-governmental organizations

Single Back-Office Platform

  • Managing all operations from a single platform
  • Safe and fast operation
  • Support invitations, reservations and group sales

Integrated Access Control

  • Controlling customers and invitees
  • Ease of integration with external admission control systems

Advanced Reporting

  • Reporting with real time data
  • Financial, sales and admission reports


  • Venue and Seat Management
  • Event Management and Pricing
  • Content Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Sales Management and Ticketing
  • Customer Management
  • Access Management
  • System Management
  • Data Management and Reporting

Main goals

Happy Promoter

  • Fast and secure operation
  • Real time reports
  • Easy integrations
  • Digital ticketing
  • Decreasing operational costs

Happy Customer

  • Simple and safe transaction
  • Social calender
  • Digital tickets (QRs)
  • Forwarding tickets to friends
  • Reserving seats to friends
  • Making plans with friends easier

Solid Infrastructure

  • High scalability
  • Secured data storage
  • Sustainability
  • Advanced monitoring
  • High availability

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