Dost - Intelligent automation to process supplier invoices and other documents


Dost automates the process of incoming supplier invoices and other related tasks and documents

Dost Digital Brain reads, thinks, intuits and acts like a human. It's a no-code, API first artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform

We deliver software packages as a service to automate all processes within Finance, HR, Customer service, Operations and others related for mid-market and large organizations.

What are the challenges?

Technology challenges

  • Lack of automation, still lots of manual processes
  • Complex and traditional IT landscape
  • Large projects and costly implementations
  • Expensive and customized integrations

Workforce challenges

  • Human error
  • Lack of creativity and added value
  • Manual, repetitive and inefficient tasks and processes
  • Slow learning curve and long term team scalability
How can Dost help me?
In just 3 simple steps DOST processes, records and transfers the information to the right application:
  1. Dost connects to your email (e.g. Outlook), cloud storage (e.g. One drive) or document repository (e.g. Sharepoint) to search for invoices and/or other documents.
  2. Dost reads the information from your invoices and/or documents, extracts all the information from them, makes sense of the data and prepares it for action.
  3. Dost prepares the information to be perfectly included in the ERP (e.g. Business Central) and sends it through its API.

What are the benefits?
  • Save time and money: Dost helps you reduce the time and cost of processing supplier invoices and other documents
  • Eliminates human error and inefficiencies: Dost minimises human error when entering data into your ERP or 3rd party systems and all manual, repetitive and inefficient tasks.
  • Innovation and productivity: More resources and budget available to invest in innovation and be competitive in the market.

Use cases with Dost
  1. Dost for Invoices
  2. Dost for delivery notes
  3. Dost for work orders
  4. And many others

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