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Droice AI solutions help understanding real clinical data and improving quality of patient care

Droice Labs is a Big Data AI company in healthcare space that specializes in understanding real world clinical data including free-form clinical text to offer some of the world’s most advanced applications for providers, payers, and life science companies. Our Natural Language Understanding engine at the core of our technology is named Flamingo and is trained on over 5 billion clinical notes and can find meaning in free form medical text in multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

The key advantage of our technology is that it enables applications which were either impossible before or worked at population average level instead of individual patient level. We use Flamingo along with other state of the art machine learning methods to deliver unprecedented transparency in patient data and generate insights and action plans at both population and individual patient levels, in real time. Our technology goes through both structured and free form data from disparate patient data sources like electronic medical records, lab systems, claims databases, and pharmacy systems to make high resolution snapshots of patients.

Droice Labs products and services are currently used with some of the largest hospital systems, health insurance companies, life sciences companies, and government bodies across the United States and Europe and touch the lives of more than 100,000 patients every day. Our key offerings for healthcare providers include the following products:

  • Droice Pelican is a platform for guideline compliance control and protocol management. Droice Pelican draws an advanced, high resolution snapshot of the patient to establish if they are treated according to the applicable clinical guidelines.
  • Droice Sparrow is an NLP and NLU service that provides a real-time EHR-integrated workflow for medical specialists that automatically finds and records ICD-10 diagnosis codes in the free-form text entered into a patient’s EMR. Requires integration with the Client's EHR system.
  • Droice Falcon is a clinical decision support system seamlessly embedded in physicians’ workflow that suggest relevant guidelines and therapies to individual providers for each and every patient. Droice Falcon is used by several thousand physicians where we go through multiple sources of clinical data and identify which clinical guidelines, protocols and therapies fit for this individual patient.
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