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Digital Assessment for all types of exams and tests.

Save time with auto-graded exams, tests and assignments with Microsoft Teams integration!

the all-in-one assessment platform for teacher heroes

For all types of Exams, Tests, Quizzes and Assignments - improve learning outcomes. All kept in one place!

Save time and avoid stress with all types of assessment! Create, schedule and grade exams seamlessly in one place. With Dugga, schools can provide equal opportunities with assessment which is crucial for each student’s learning process.

Dugga is the global leader in end-to-end digital assessment, used by K-12 schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

Equal opportunities for students thanks to in-built accessibility tools with text-to-speech and speech-to-text, zoom function, responsive design and ease of use. Create unlimited exams, assignments, fun quizzes and all types of tests with the flexibility of a variety of question types. Collaborate and share with colleagues. Mark and grade together - points or rubrics (scoring guides). Sync results from Dugga with your LMS to save time and reduce administration.

Teachers can assess knowledge in a safe and easy-to-use way ranging from assignments, diagnostic tests to national exams. Use various question types such as drag-and-drop, multiple choice, match, essay, fill gap, maths, chemistry, GeoGebra, order and many more.

Dugga is platform independent and operating system independent and supports Windows/PC, Mac/OSX, Chromebook/Chrome OS and iPad/IOS.

Dugga is available in any language. Get started already today!

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