Napier Hospital Information System (HIS)

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The Complete Patient-Centered Solution For Hospital Management

Napier HIS

Napier Healthcare Information System (HIS) is a Cloud based, integrated, multi-facility, multi-lingual and scalable platform. It helps avoid technology obsolescence while reducing the total cost of ownership. Providers can overcome their challenges, achieve operational efficiency, deliver superior patient care and generate effective clinical outcomes. Leading with innovation, the Napier HIS leverages state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence powered by Napier’s AI. Today Napier works with leading Hospitals in Asia, Middle East and Africa. With a quarterly approach to feature updates and coupled with Napier’s unique Voice-of-Customer tool, providers are empowered and become partners in the product journey. Napier HIS can be configured to meet the decision making needs of clinical, administrative, operational departments of medium to large hospitals networks. 

By providing all stakeholders involved in hospital operations with secure and enhanced visibility into and control over their functions, Napier’s HIS enables:
1. Management to plan and chart top-line growth more effectively
2. Financial Officers to achieve healthier bottom lines
3. Administrators to manage resources and staff with greater efficiency
4. Integration with other clinical and ancillary solutions through a standards based approach to connectivity
5. Clinical stakeholders deliver superior patient care and reduce errors

The Three Pillars To Achieve Operational Excellence

1. Regulatory / Security Standard Compliance
> Adherence to ICD-10 Coding, DICOM Imaging Standards, MIMS configuration for pharmacy & E&M based billing standards
> Local regulatory compliances, International accreditation, integration with 3rd party systems using HL7, ASTM, TCP/IP, JSON, XML, SOAP and REST protocols
> ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security, ISO 27018:2019 for Cloud security and ISO 13485:2016

2. Operational Management
> JIT approach to inventory management & Vendor management for achieving cost excellence
> Configurable & extensible Billing engine with Authorization flow
> Robust appointment, OT booking system, tracking Patient journey end-to-end & Enhanced Care Coordination

3. Solution Configuration
> Configurable report builder, provision for RFID configuration, configurable patient care forms & Medication reconciliation
> Tapering drug order & Recurring investigation order
> Critical result mapping, Care plans, Billing approval configuration and Barcoding system for materials, medication and laboratory samples

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