EarthNET Data Management and Visualisation

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Driving the energy sector’s digital transformation by turning complex data into actionable insights.

Today, data has become one of the most valuable business assets. The companies that are best able to turn their data into insights, and their insights into actions, will outsmart and outperform their competition. EarthNET provides a cloud-native and OSDU-compatible data platform for scalable data management and visualisation, enabling fast and accurate data-driven decisions.

Organise, annotate and contextualise your data in one place

The EarthBANK data platform represents the first step of your digitalisation journey, and it’s at the core of the EarthNET software. EarthBANK is a high-quality industry-specialized DataOps platform providing digitalisation and contextualisation at scale for industry, making all industrial data accessible, understandable, and useful for people and machines. EarthBANK enables you to make fast and accurate data-driven decisions, liberating, integrating, and contextualizing data from multiple source systems. EarthBANK is rich in its support of data types and integrations. It readily connects with Exploration and Production (E&P), operational technology (OT), and information technology (IT) systems and also provides read/write capabilities for key systems. EarthBANK is OSDU ready and can work in conjunction with OSDU providing the additional contextualization needed to make data analytics-ready and enable data-driven decisions.

Explore and visualise your data through a holistic digital twin

Once data is loaded into EarthBANK, EarthVIEW acts as a holistic digital twin for the subsurface, enabling you to navigate and analyse your data. Contextualized insights are provided and the underlying risk and uncertainty are quantified and mitigated - replacing the guesswork with trusted information. EarthVIEW reads, digests, manipulates and formats all standard data types, so you can visualise all your well logs, seismic, crossplots, maps, tables and statistics in one place.

EarthNET Data Management and Visualisation Benefits:

  • Accelerates delivery through streamlined data management, modern cloud computing, advanced visualization, and programmatic labeling.

  • Reduces cost through smart cloud consumption, effective data compression, increased efficiency and elimination of redundancy work

  • Reduces risk through a holistic digital replica of the industrial reality, which combines all relevant data and creates ontology.

  • Removes organization silos and improves collaboration through multi-user access and a cloud-native, web-based environment

  • Solves key challenges of cloud data orchestration, deployment, and utilization, allowing to leverage industrial data for MLOps - AI deployment at scale.

  • Increases sustainability by enabling more efficient workflows and operations, both for conventional E&P and Energy Transition projects

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