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Vision IOT - The World's Most Customer-Centric IOT Platform

At Vision IoT, we have taken ordinary cooling machines to the next level as self-monitoring, shelf-diagnosing, information-collecting, and systemic-thinking brand assets called Harbor.

Our Harbor solution for the CPG market caters to both Retrofit and Factory Fit coolers supported by device-agnostic SaaS-based IoT cloud.

Harbor is a first-of-its-kind IoT ecosystem that is redefining integrated cooler solutions by filling all diagnostic and value chain gaps in traditional cooler inventory management.

Harbor technology was built to create an interactive environment between the customer and the seller while at the same time boosting operating efficiencies. It allows direct interaction between your assets in the market and end customers, providing you crucial information to map customer behaviour, monitor sales, and improve profitability.

Today, Harbor is the world’s largest IOT platform that connects more than 1.7 million assets across 40 different countries and is soon launching in many more.

Why Choose Harbor

  • Increase sales by up to 15% per cooler by tracking the most effective time and duration to run promotions and sales campaigns.
  • Reduce cooler downtime by 20% via robust cooler diagnostics monitoring and reporting.
  • Minimize cooler loss by 5% via real-time asset tracking.
  • Avoid stock-outs and maintain optimum inventory levels via automatic alerts.
  • Enjoy a guaranteed payback in less than a year.
  • Save 10 minutes on each visit and ensure 100% visit compliance.
  • Get 40% competitive advantage by customer engagement and reward program.
  • Integrate with your preferred third-party consumer apps.

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