SmartEYE™: REAL-TIME Factory Floor Data Collection w/ Edge Analytics incl. AI/ML-Capabilities (ERP/ MRP/ MES/ BI Integration)

Видавець: Ectron Corp

REAL-TIME Data Collection: Machine & Process Monitoring w/ Edge & Cloud Analytics

SmartEYE™ is an IIoT-based factory 4.0 solution that provides a 360-degree view of operations including machines, personnel, processes, energy use and environmental conditions with 24x7 continuous data collection and analytics from the factory floor or outdoors. With SmartEYE™, you get REAL-TIME data collection, data analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, all on-the-Edge. Our ZERO CODE solution is compatible over 1,800 industrial-grade sensor options, which are provided by Ectron Corporation. SmartEYE™ is also compatible with MTconnect, as well as SCADA, PLC or DCS systems. As such, SmartEYE™ can aggregate data collected by its systems with data collected by other systems, filter the data and create a single funnel of useful data going to the Cloud. This flexibility makes SmartEYE™ an ideal plug-and-play solution for manufacturers, System Integrators and software data analytics companies that could benefit from access to real-time, streaming data of any kind.

SmartEYE™ is powered by Ectron's Intelligent Edge Node, which includes its proprietary, rugged Microsoft-Azure certified Edge computers with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. All hardware components required to operate SmartEYE™ are supplied and maintained by Ectron for no additional charge during the subscription term.

Equipment Monitoring

  • Builds a machine model, then sends real-time alerts for deviations affecting product quality/output
  • Monitors equipment features functionality for predictive maintenance
  • Monitors machine usage for production scheduling

Environmental Monitoring

  • Monitors plant environmental conditions to show correlations to equipment functionality & product output/quality

Product/Process Compliance Monitoring

  • Confirms all desired KPIs of product quality
  • Tracks production time and cost (including energy usage)
  • Compares equipment efficiencies with different materials
  • Confirms source of any product or production deviations
  • Runs simulations to determine the impact of changes to any monitored equipment or process

Personnel Efficiency Tracking

  • Monitors task length
  • Runs efficiency models with staff changes
  • Compares efficiency of personnel performing similar tasks


  • Single vendor solution
  • Installed in weeks, NO interruption to production
  • No in-house IT staff required
  • Fixed, Monthly Fee

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