Aichoo AI OS - ML and Data Science for Enterprise

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Aichoo AI OS - ML and Data Science for Enterprise

Aichoo AI OS - Machine Learning and Data Science for Enterprise.

Aichoo OS provides the easiest, quickest, lowest-risk implementation for any enterprise machine learning application.

Benefits of Aichoo OS:

Intelligently automates key processes present in the data science activities.

Automatically evolves ML pipeline using library of universal Agents achieving true self-learning capability.

Machine Learning with Data Science project becomes a structured, repeatable and re-usable process which can reach tangible results within weeks.

Following Aichoo OS architecture and using Aichoo OS allows Data Scientists to focus on results. It also gives them opportunity to employ their unique skill set rather than spending time on general software development required for enterprise production readiness. Using Aichoo OS enables Company Management, DevOps, IT and Data Scientists to function as a team and deliver ML projects successfully.

Data Scientists can focus their valuable time and brain power on developing portable Agents, which can be re-used on other projects and offered for sale to others via marketplace.

From business governance perspective, Aichoo OS provides self-documented development process which is important for audit and for producing evidence of how models were developed and how predictions are made.

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