Entegrata Legal Data Lake

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Our turnkey, legal-focused, data lake is aimed at solving the data challenges of the legal industry.

In addition to core financial data, our data lake will allow firms to centralize all of their data safely and securely, while leveraging your existing investments in Microsoft and Azure. Our proprietary Legal Data Model will fast-track you towards production-ready analytics, delivering an extensive library of pre-built Microsoft PowerBI reports on day one. These reports are aimed at answering many of the most challenging questions for COOs, Managing Partners, Executive/Management Committees as well as the solving the data reporting challenges that CMOs, CHROs, Pricing, DEI and other law firm executives struggle with on a daily basis.

Imagine having clean, normalized, accessible data to respond and act on the daily data challenges you face today?

Built on Microsoft Azure
Entegrata will be built on the Microsoft Azure stack, leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft technology and reducing both the learning curve and security concerns you may have putting your data in the cloud.

Implemented Quickly

Data lakes can take a really long time and are normally really expensive to put in place. Due to our proprietary Legal Data Schema we will have your firm up and running in months, not years, with a fully functioning data lake populating with the data you need to run your business and respond to client demands.

Data For All
Current law firm data solutions usually stop at the accounting system, or are very expensive one-trick ponies. But the data problems law firms face impact everyone; whether you're in HR and dealing with DEI reports, or the Managing Partner looking to see where the next big revenue opportunity may come from, every role in a law firm struggles with data. Shouldn't your data solution meet the needs of EVERYONE?

See Value Immediately
A data lake by itself is not worth a lot, unless you can use it for something meaningful right away. As part of your subscription, we will offer a suite of turnkey, beautifully designed, PowerBI dashboards harness all the data now available, and will delight everyone from your Managing Partner on down.

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