Extranet User Manager

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Extranet User Manager (EUM) simplifies administration and external-user on boarding in Office 365.

Extranet User Manager makes Microsoft simple. An exceptional user experience lets businesses connect and collaborate with external stakeholders and maintain Microsoft security. EUM has a particular focus on simplifying Microsoft 365 document sharing, collaboration, reporting, forms, workflows, and communities between business and external users. We do this in a way that IT is comfortable that all the great security benefits are still in place, while allowing business to get their work done independently.

EUM offers solutions that are custom-configured for common use cases requiring external collaboration and sharing:

Data Rooms
  • Collect, distribute, and co-author secure documentation with external stakeholders
  • Pared-down, attractive UI leveraging the security and document management features of SharePoint Online

Learning Management
  • Easily extend your elearning in Microsoft 365 to external audiences
  • Learner access delegated to L&D administrators and business users

Board & Committee Management
  • Seamless onboarding, document sharing, and customized engagement packages

Partner, Client & Vendor Portals
  • User-friendly and intuitive platform for effective external collaboration

  • Streamlined workspace provisioning and external permissions management
  • Easily request and generate templated project sites in Microsoft 365

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