Epsillion: Document Automation in Word and Excel

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Click a button to convert plain Word and Excel files into professional looking PDFs, webpages, presentations, Kindle e-books, and emails.

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So, what is Epsillion?

Epsillion is document automation software. It is a Microsoft Word addin, Microsoft Excel addin, and desktop application.

Okay, how does Epsillion work?

Collect and manage data in Excel. Write in Word. Convert Word documents to professional looking PDFs, webpages, presentations, Kindle e-books, and emails with the click of a button. Never spend time updating figures and formatting again.

That sounds great, can you give me more detail?

Epsillion is designed to integrate with your existing workflows. You will continue to use Word and Excel just as you do now. With Epsillion you can:

  1. link charts, graphs, and numbers in your Word document directly to Excel. When you update Excel, the Word document updates to reflect the changes in Excel with the click of a button.
  2. convert your Word document into a professional looking PDF, webpage, presentation, or email with the click of a button. All formatting (fonts, spacing, colours, image/chart/graph sizing and positioning, figure references, page numbers, logos, margins, disclaimers, etc.) is done automatically. We program your business's design specs on our server, and all document formatting strictly adheres to those specs.
  3. make thousands of customized documents with a single Word file, just by varying your data inputs.
  4. extend data sources to JSON, CSV, and databases.

Bottom line, why should I use Epsillion?

  1. Simple yet powerful automation.
  2. Effortless brand compliance.
  3. No design skills needed.
  4. Easy to learn, since Epsillion fits seamlessly into Word and Excel.
  5. Create multiple formats: PDFs, webpages, presentations, Kindle e-books, and emails.
  6. Epsillion is award-winning. named us among the best document management software of 2018, alongside companies like IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

Which sectors should use Epsillion?

Epsillion is designed for professionals who produce documents (like reports, articles, and decks) on a regular basis that have a similar "look and feel". We recommend Epsillion for:

  • Academics
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Compliance professionals
  • Financial analysts
  • Lawyers
  • Marketers
  • Medical researchers
  • Real estate analysts

How can I buy Epsillion?

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