ArcGIS Velocity

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ArcGIS Velocity offers out-of-the-box tools for advanced spatial analysis for real-time and big data

ArcGIS Velocity is a real-time, big data processing and analysis capability of ArcGIS Online

Velocity uses distributed cloud processing to scale tasks, enabling you to ingest, visualize, analyze, store, and act upon data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. High-velocity event data can be filtered, processed, and sent to multiple destinations, allowing you to connect virtually any type of streaming data and automatically alert personnel when specified conditions occur. You can also design analytic models to process high-volume historical data and gain insights into patterns, trends, and anomalies. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create dynamic processing pipelines that combine functions from a rich library of fast spatial operations.

Use this software as a service (SaaS) IoT application to better leverage your real-time location data for essential operational decisions such as remote monitoring of assets, predictive maintenance, and process optimization.

ArcGIS Velocity can be used across a variety of industries by:

  • GIS analysts
  • Operations officers
  • Asset specialists
  • Data scientists
  • Other professionals working with IoT data

Example Use Case

A GIS analyst working for a city or state transportation department can use ArcGIS Velocity to leverage data from connected cars.
Roadway sensors receiving vehicle data can stream those observations to ArcGIS Velocity as a feed, enabling real-time visualization of speed, traffic, and telematics data.
With this insight, the transportation department can stay on top of different incidents and take appropriate action, whether opening up additional lanes, creating detours, or assigning maintenance crews to clear debris.


Contact Esri directly if you are a US government, non-profit, or other customer with special pricing considerations. Outside of the United States, please contact your local Esri office for availability and pricing information.

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