Everwell Hub as a health platform solution

Видавець: Everwell Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Everwell Hub is all-in one platform to support the adherence and digital cascade of care.

The Everwell Hub is our comprehensive, integrated platform for adherence and patient management. Health care staff can log into a single portal to register and follow up with patients, whose adherence reports from any of our integrated technologies appear side-by-side including 99DOTS, evriMED devices, and VOT.

Everwell was founded in 2015 as a spin-out from Microsoft Research to champion innovations to support patient-centred adherence support and healthcare programs to monitor, visualize, and improve treatment for patients. Based on our initial work, we developed the Everwell Hub, an open-source module-based platform to digitize the cascade of care. The Everwell Hub is a platform that supports treatment recovery and programs’ management of healthcare domains such as Tuberculosis, HIV, COVID, mental health, and beyond. As a platform, the Hub aligns with data standards and is interoperable with external applications. The Hub has been deployed in 15 countries in partnerships with governments, NGOs, and hospitals and supports over 1 in 5 newly diagnosed active TB patients annually and has registered over 18 Million person-episodes.

The Everwell Hub digitizes a patient’s journey from awareness to recovery, helps in monitoring patients’ treatment regime in terms of diagnosis and maintaining adherence to the medicine regime prescribed. The Everwell team manages deployments and customizations centrally as per clients’ or partners’ requests. The platform helps patients to recover from life-threatening diseases and track their progress through reminders, engagement, and access to their treatment plan. The same platform is used by government decision makers, doctors, and healthcare workers to view dashboards and manage healthcare workflows. An app is also available to patients with smartphone access to support their recovery, and has been downloaded over 220,000 times. As the Everwell Hub grows in partnerships and deployments, the team customizes each deployment as per partner needs. While this provides a wholly customized and personal experience for partners, it means all new requests or customizations have to go through our team.

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